Christina Applegate is a happy mom!

Christina Applegate, aged 39, and her fiance, musician Martyn LeNoble, said they would call their daughter Sadie Grace. According to LeNoble’s Facebook page, the baby weighed 7.5 pounds.

“Mother and daughter are doing great,” her rep said.

“I’ll probably be a little bit hippie and a little bit Type A. I’ll take from what my mother did, which was way hippie and like, ‘Do what you wanna do,’ and bring some things that I know from watching my friends raise their kids. An amalgamation of sorts,” Christina Applegate told People.

Christina Applegate and her boyfriend, musician Martyn LeNoble Netherlands, aged 41, have a relationship that began three years ago, after she divorced from her first husband, actor Johnathon Schaech. LeNoble and Applegate announced their engagement in February 2010, on Valentine’s Day, and after a few months in late July, the actress announced she was pregnant with her first child.