Naomi Campbell took an interview with Vladimir Putin

The interview appears in the same issue in which Naomi Campbell is posing naked on the cover. It shows sympathy to the Russian prime minister, to whom Naomi questions about his physical shape and his passions.

Naomi Campbell: You’re in pretty good physical shape. How do you manage to keep yourself so fit?

Vladimir Putin: Probably the same way you do.

Naomi Campbell: Actually, I don’t work out as much as I should, but I do believe that it’s a healthy mind as well as a healthy body that keeps me fit, sound and calm.

Vladimir Putin: Exactly. You just answered your own question.

When asked about the women who posed in a particular calendar to criticize him, Vladimir Putin said that in almost every country is fashionable to criticize leaders.

The girls in the erotic calendar were courageous and they were not scared. As student journalists, they couldn’t fail to understand what might have been said to them after doing this. Nonetheless, they were not deterred and did the calendar anyway. So, frankly, that’s what I liked the most,” said Putin.

Naomi Campbell also asked the Russian prime minister about his meeting with a tiger.

“It felt good for me, but not all of my Russian colleagues felt the same way,” Putin said.

Among other questions raised by the British model are those related to his swimming style, his appearance at a biker festival driving a Harley-Davidson and about his involvement in campaigns to save tigers.

Source: GQ