Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing necklace, waiting for DA’s decision

This jewel was a gold necklace with semiprecious stones and it was considered unique, the police told TMZ. On Tuesday, investigators obtained a search warrant to conduct searches at Lohan’s residence in Venice.

The owner of the jewelry, who has filed a complaint against the star, saw a photo of Lohan wearing the necklace on the Internet, police sources told TMZ. The picture was taken January 30.

The necklace disappeared January 22 from the store and police began investigating a few days later. In addition, a store video showed Lohan wearing the necklace before it was reported missing.

However, by waiting more than a day before calling the cops, the owner of the store may have compromised any prosecution. TMZ reports the owner claims she tried to contact Lindsay on the 22nd, the day Lohan reportedly walked out with the necklace, to ask her to return the item, but couldn’t find her. 

In order to charge the actress, the D.A. must prove she intended to permanently take the item after walking away with it, not just loan it, as she claims.

Lohan could face grand theft and second-degree commercial burglary charges if accused.

According to TMZ, no official decision on the case is to be made this week.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said the DA will not be making a decision on whether or not to prosecute the star for the alleged theft.

TMZ reports that the DA will either file a felony grand theft charge, a lower misdemeanor grand theft charge or give up the charges.

But it seems the acress has a great chance to escape accusations. Sources connected with the case say there is no audio on the surveillance video and this might be Lindsay’s best hope to avoid prosecution.

The actress is still on probation for driving under the influence (DUI). She must continue to comply with random testing for drugs. She will participate in a new court hearing related to this issue on February 25.

The actress is also under investigation by prosecutors in Riverside County for allegedly assaulting an employee at the Betty Ford rehab where she was being treated.