Eva Longoria spends the weekend with Eduardo Cruz

The Desperate Housewives star, who has just finalized her divorce with basketball player Tony Parker, is often seen spending time with Eduardo Cruz, a 25-year-old Spanish singer, who is none other than brother of actress Penelope Cruz.

After several discreet rendezvous, especially in restaurants where they took the precaution to leave through different outcomes, the actress and the singer are seeing each other more and more regularly.

An insider told Us Magazine that Eduardo’s sister, Penelope, set the pair up at a party.

“They have been on a few dates in L.A.,” the source says, “But there was never anything going on between them before her split. They’re having fun together, but he is young–he knows Eva is just out of a long-term relationship and he’s not really looking for anything too serious.”

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker have announced their separation in November 2010. According to rumors, the actress and the young Eduardo Cruz are especially close and their relationship is reportedly not limited to mere friendship.