First official photo of Gerard Pique and Shakira

In January, the Colombian singer announced her separation from Antonio de la Rua, after 11 years of passionate love.

At the time, rumors said that this failure was related to the close relationship between Shakira and international footballer for FC Barcelona, Gerard Pique. Today, they appear to have been right.

While in Barcelona shooting the video for Loca, Shakira was rumored to be dating an FC Barcelona player. According to rumors, that was Gerard Pique.

However, neither one of them has confessed the romance. And in Spain, the footballer who was world champion in 2010 is a real victim of harassment by paparazzi who stalk him in the hope of taking a picture of him and the beautiful Shakira.

And as the two stars have been avidly followed by paparazzi, it is even rumored that Guardiola, pique’s coach, asked his player to admit his relationship with Shakira in order to finally have peace.