Is Prince Harry seeing Chelsy Davy again?

Is the future marriage of his older brother giving him ideas? It seems that since the announcement of the big event, Prince Harry has been rying to get close to Chelsy Davy. Successful merger this weekend.

Since their breakup in September 2010, Chelsy returned to the family home in Zimbabwe where she has begun several months of traveling around Africa. And last week, against all odds, the pretty blonde landed at the Heathrow Airport in the British capital.

According to The Sun, the couple was reportedly seen Sunday around 4 am in the parking lot in Chelsea’s neighborhood trying to hide in the trunk of a car.

“Harry loves Chelsy,” a source told “No matter what happens, he’ll always go back to Chelsy. Harry says his time with Chelsy is always the happiest.”

Sources close to the couple say that the young woman has even received an invitation for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.