Kelsey and Camille Grammer’s divorce is final on Thursday

Kelsey has been trying to get things to end as quickly as possible with the divorce so he can legally marry Walsh later this month, but proceedings have been delayed as rumors say say Camille is aiming for a bigger financial settlement.

Now, the former spouses have reached an agreement and lawyers for the two announced the judge presiding over the case.

Issues of property and money haven’t been resolved yet because the judge wants the settlement papers signed before the decree is entered. These papers will be submitted by Kelsey and Camille on Thursday.

Once that’s over, the former Frasier star will be able to wed his fiance. Grammer and Walsh are set to exchange vows at NYC’s Plaza Hotel on February 25.

In an interview with The View from last week, Camille revealed her feelings about Kelsey’s desire for a rushed divorce.

“He did rush it. It’s a bit impetuous don’t you think?” she said. “He wants what he wants right away. He’s almost like a child.”