Miley Cyrus and Josh Bowman happy in the park

When Miley Cyrus is shooting a movie with a nice guy, it looks like she can’t help dating her partner. After Liam Hemsworth in “The Last Song”, Miley looks like she has fallen for Joshua Bowman, her co-star in the feature film “So Undercover”.

The singer was photographed with Josh Bowman at Griffith Park in Los Angeles this weekend. The lovebirds, accompanied by a small dog, had a few accomplices and affectionate gestures toward one another.

In addition, Miley and Josh were spotted together a few days ago at a hotel entrance and spending time together on the set of “So Undercover”.

Sources close to the two aren’t clearing anything up. One insider says “Miley is single. They’re not dating. Just friends,” while another sustains the contrary, “They’re definitely dating. It’s legit.”

See the pic HERE!

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