D.A. is taking Lindsay Lohan’s ambiguous past into account

The site lists three incidents when Lindsay is suspected to have hooked valuable items that particularly drew the prosecutors’ attention:

– She was suspected of taking a $400,000 necklace in 2009 from an Elle Magazine photo shoot.

– She was accused of stealing a $12,000 mink coat in 2008 from a NYC nightclub.

– She was accused of taking a $35,000 Rolex from a “friend” in 2010.

Sources cited by TMZ say prosecutors plan to ask the judge to admit the 3 incidents as evidence to show “prior bad acts” if the case goes to trial.

Other elements that prompted the D.A. to prosecute Lohan are the fact that she has had numerous failures in meeting her probation requirements and her repeated run-ins with the law.

Today at 1:30 PM PT Lindsay will be in court, accompanied by her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley.