Official: Toyota models that went back in service in 2010 had NO technical problems

Ray LaHood, U.S. Secretary of Transportation, recently told Reuters that there was no electronics cause for the unintended acceleration at Toyota models. As you know, Japan’s Toyota organized in 2010 a massive recall that regarded the repair of the throttle pedal and the fixing or the replacement of the driver’s mat to avoid blocking the gas pedal. Research conducted by Americans took 11 months, but the results further underscore the effects of the exaggeration of an an issue that was only believed to exist.

Research made by the U.S. body NHTSA found that drivers who have complained about the blocking of the gas pedal had mistakenly pressed the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. A famous case regarded a Prius driver in California, who asked police to help him stop the car after calling for emergency to announce that his acelerator pedal was blocked. Later, it turned out that his car had no technical problem and the hypothesis that the driver attempted to deceive came out.

Specialists from the NHTSA has examined 280,000 lines of code from the Toyota software and researched 3054 unintended acceleration complaints to discover that there is no electronic or mechanical problem in the respective models. The solution of the American body was a bureaucratic one: they will require additional electronic equipment installed on all new cars, along with writing software that allows closing the throttle when the brake pedal is pushed and new rules for cars with access without key.

Source | Jalopnik | Reuters