Grammy scandals over the years

You can call me Queen


At the 2008 Grammy Awards, Beyoncé and Tina Turner’s duet stunned everybody except one person: Aretha Franklin, often referred to as the “Queen of Soul”, revealed in a statement that she was offended by Beyoncé’s introducing Turner as “the Queen.”

Helen Reddy’s feminist speech


In 1973, Helen Reddy won the award for Best Female Pop Performance for her song I Am Woman. During her speech, she thanked God, “the woman who made everything possible.” A little slip that caused a huge controversy, with complaints flooding CBS, the television that broadcast the show.

JLo’s Grammy dress


It took a dress to get Jennifer Lopez famous around the world. In 2000, the Latino singer stood out with a green dress, flashing a large neckline and a daring slit to the top of the thigh.

Milli Vanilli’s lip-sync


In the 80s the group Milli Vanilli was a big hype and in 1990 they were rewarded with a Grammy for Best new Artist. However, after it was discovered that they were not the ones singing the tunes of the albums and an MTV live performance revealed the group was lip-synching, their award was withdrawn.

Sinead says “no”


Sinead O’Connor was the first artist to refuse an award, the one for Best Alternative Album for I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got, as she considered the matter far too commercial for her taste.

Kanye West’s protests


In 1998, the controversial artist took the stage by storm to express his disapproval. When the award for Best Rap Album of the year was given to Puff Daddy, he said the Wu Tang Clan, to which he belonged, should have gotten it. The reason: “Puff is good but Wu Tang is the best!”

Eminem is not a homophobe


Eminem, who had been accused of homophobia for the lyrics on The Marshall Mathers album, proved this all wrong when he performed the song Stan in a duet with Elton John. At the end of the act, the two artists embraced and symbolically buried the hatchet.

Rihanna’s drama

The drama didn’t unfold at the Grammys but it involved two artists who were scheduled to perform. Media reports revealed that Chris Brown, the singer’s then-boyfriend, violently assaulted Rihanna, who ended up in hospital disfigured. The performances of the two artists scheduled for the evening were canceled. A photo of the young woman’s damaged face leaked online. On March 5, 2009, Brown was charged with assault and making criminal threats.

Image source: TMZ

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