Ellen DeGeneres stalker arrested on the star’s property

Karen Grace Sjoden, who claimed she was working as a private investigator, was discovered hiding under cushions on DeGeneres’ kitchen deck.

“She was placed under private person’s arrest and was transported and booked at BHPD for trespassing and prowling,” a spokesman informed.

Sjoden was found with a “rambling letter” that referenced Hillary Clinton and a dossier of the names and addresses of Hollywood’s elite.

Sjoden’s daughter Kayle and ex-husband George Macke claim Sjoden is mentally unstable.

Kayle told Radar Online: “It doesn’t surprise me about Ellen DeGeneres because she’s mentioned people in her conspiracy theories before… no one took it seriously because she was never a harm to anybody. Now, it’s obvious that she needs treatment for her mental issues.”

In court yesterday, Sjoden told a judge “this is a set up,” while claiming she worked for the investigation firm Blue Moon, monitoring traffic to and from Ellen’s mansion.

Her bail is set at $200,000. She is due back in court on March 7.