Michael Jackson was searching for anesthesiologist before “This Is It” tour

Michael Jackson was on “the hunt” for a doctor to “take care of him”during his concert series in London.

Before the shows began, the King of Pop and Dr. Conrad Murray met with an anesthesiologist, reports TMZ.

After the singer’s death, caused by an overdose from an anesthetic, it was found that Jackson was addicted to certain medical substances such as propofol.

David Adams, an anesthesiologist from Las Vegas, says he was interviewed by Jackson and Murray months before the concerts in London, because the singer wanted someone to “take care of him.”

They said: “We think it would be great to have an anesthesiologist go on the [This Is It] tour.”

Adams already had a history with Michael, as he had performed anesthesia for the singer on four occasions.

The doctor said he had thought of accepting the proposal but was never contacted again.

However, Murray’s defense says the doctor doesn’t know Dr. David Adams.

A few days ago it emerged that such was the pressure on Jackson for concerts in London that he feared not being able to cope with it.