Anna Nicole Smith’s life inspires opera creators


The escapades of the Texan who died at the age of 39 following a drug overdose remain notorious. The blonde was known for chaining excesses of all kinds: breast augmentation, unbridled sexuality, bulimia, drug abuse and alcoholism.

The life of Anna Nicole was also strewn with tragedies.

The show, which promises to be “deliberately provocative” with “abusive language and sexual content,” is led by Music Director of the Royal Opera, Antonio Pappano, who enjoys a good reputation around the world. The booklet has been entrusted to the care of Richard Thomas, creator of Jerry Springer: The Opera. As for the lead role, it is interpreted by soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek.

“A young playmate, an octogenarian billionaire husband, media fascination, and a tragic death,” the Royal Opera presents the show “Anna Nicole”. The trailer shows Anna Nicole Smith dreaming of becoming a new Marilyn Monroe and [resents the sordid adventures of a young woman who wanted to become famous.

The young woman was spotted in the 1980’s by a photographer while she was a stripper. After enhancing her breasts, she became a Playboy playmate. In 1993, she married billionaire J. Howard Marshall, then 90 years old. He died three years later. The young woman found herself in a legal battle for the old man’s fortune. In 2006, she lost her son Daniel from a drug overdose. She died the following year.

Recent reports say Anna Nicole’s former boyfriend Larry Birkhead, who is also the father of Smith’s only surviving child Dannielynn, is considering legal options against the producers as he claims they’re making the former Playmate appear as trashy.

“That lady is no Anna Nicole,” Birkhead said of the soprano. “We are looking at our legal options to see if they misused Anna’s image and likeness. We are going to have the estate attorneys look at what can be done about it.”

“No one ever gave us a chance to respond.” Birkhead explained. “They didn’t even ask to check whether history is correct. They could have picked up the phone and called…It is like someone took a bunch of tabloids and threw it at the producers and said, see what you can do with this.”