Frankie Muniz 911 call – “My girlfriend is drunk and she is going crazy”

According to TMZ, actor Frankie Muniz allegedly assaulted his girlfriend before putting a gun to his head.

It was on February 11 that the police was alerted by the actor himself. The altercation took place in the home the couple shared in Phoenix, Arizona, following an argument caused by jealousy over “prior relationships.”

Arrived on the scene, the police found the star in a state of great emotional distress, after he had assaulted Elycia Turnbow, his girlfriend since March 2008.

According to TMZ, the 25-year-old actor, allegedly hit his girlfriend in the back and behind the head before pushing her against the wall of their bedroom.

TMZ has obtained the 911 call that Muniz made that night. . In the call, when the dispatcher asks for his name, Frankie says, “My girlfriend is drunk and she is going crazy,” “She is trashing my house, literally. Lamps everything.”

“She is going crazy, she is hitting me in the face, I don’t want to do because I am about to lose control.”

“What is your name, sir?”

“I don’t want to make a big deal because I am a celebrity. I don’t want there to be a big deal.” His girlfriend yells in the background, “You just hit me!” Frankie yells back, “I did not hit you. You punched me in the face.”

You can listen to the 911 call HERE.

However, Muniz’ rep released a statement saying that no gun was involved: “A gun played no part in the argument and was voluntarily given to the police for safekeeping.”

Despite this episode of extreme violence, it seems that the couple has already made peace. Muniz’s rep told People the two are “still very much a couple. Neither one is interested in finger-pointing at the other. It was a situation that escalated beyond a point that it needed to be. If anything, they will look back at this as a learning opportunity.”

Image source: You Tube