Michael Lohan writes open letter to Miley Cyrus’ dad Billy Ray Cyrus

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Miley Cyrus’ famous father, Billy Ray, said the Disney series Hannah Montana, that made his daughter famous around the world, destroyed his family. He even concluded that they would have been far better without it, living like a normal family.

However, Miley wasn’t very pleased about Billy Ray’s confessions to the magazine, and she’s reportedly furious with her father.

In addition, there were friends of the 18-year-old singer that compared Billy Ray’s actions to the likes of another troubled celebrity’s dad: Michael Lohan.

This Michael Lohan took Cyrus’ testimony as a reason to contact him in an open letter and inform him that he could understand completely what he is currently going through.

In his letter published by Radar Online, Michael Lohan says he has been through the same troubles as a celebrity father and that it can be pretty hard and frustrating.

“When I look at what you are going through, I am forced to see myself. Two men who know what divorce and alienation, have done to our families,” Michael writes.
In the eyes of Michael Lohan, the most difficult part is the pain that comes from the resistance of loved ones, when all you want to do is protect them.

“The one(s) you love so much, and are willing to die for, are too blinded by the “bright light” and people who use our loved one(s) while everyone thinks you are supposed to sit back and pretend it goes unseen,” he says.

To read the complete text of the letter, click HERE.

What’s your opinion? Do you agree with what Michael Lohan says? Should he give advice to celeb dads?