IPad 3 with Retina screen and a big iPod Touch for the fall?

Not out yet and already obsolete? That may well be the fate that awaits the iPad 2. While launching the second version of the tablet from Apple seems imminent, the company appears already working on iPad 3. So the first rumors of a release for the fall, talk about a Retina screen, and a double resolution IPS / FFS.

In fact, Apple is concerned about the news of the iPad 2. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at Concord Securities, talked to AppleInsider.com on upcoming productions of the mark. According to him, the iPad 2 does not receive a 9.7-inch screen Retina because “production and cost are not suited to Apple applications.”

The display of the next version of the tablet will still be improved. Thinner and with anti-reflecting features, its definition would remain at 132 ppi, like the iPad 1. The jump to a 2048 x 1536 definition, which allows passage to the Retina technology and the introduction of dual technology IPS / FFS, would be programmed for iPad 3.

Kuo added that Apple is developing another product, also due to be released in the fall. With a 6-inch screen, a size intermediate between the iPod touch (3.5 inches) and the iPad (9.7 inches), it would fill a void in the production of the brand.

However, Steve Jobs has always been critical of small tablets and one can think it is rather a big iPod touch, especially since the market is still developing in this perspective.