Kelsey Grammer’s wedding to take place on Broadway

Sources close to the ceremony say it will take place at the Longacre Theater in NYC.

According to TMZ, the event will start at 3:30pm and the security will be very tight, as guests will have to present both their invitation and a photo ID in order to get in.

The wedding cake will be 55 inches tall (over 4 ft.!), enough to serve at least 200 people.

Wedding cake designer Silvia Weinstock will cater to the happy couple’s wishes, which included ivory cream, gold sugar flowers of bud roses and lilies at the top and cascade down around the cake, everything handmade with buttercream.

And since the bride is a vegetarian, the cake will contain carrot, cream cheese, coconut and caramel.

“It’s carrot cake!” Weinstock told Radar Online. “It’s unusual. But obviously she’s very comfortable in her skin and that’s what she wants so that’s what she’s going to have.”

The ceremony will take place this Friday.