What’s new about this year’s Oscar ceremony

The couple Anne Hathaway – James Franco are a premiere for the Academy Awards show. Hathaway, 28, and Franco, 32, are the youngest hosts to present the Oscars. This is the first time a male-female duo shares the Oscar stage.

The two actors have been chosen to present the 83rd Academy Awards. James Franco will carry the dual role of master of ceremonies and nominated actor for an Oscar for best actor for “127 Hours”. Anne Hathaway has already had some experience in the field of presentation: she opened the Academy Awards in 2009 with a sketch alongside Hugh Jackman.

Another novelty this year will be that mothers of the nominated stars, called “mominees”, are encouraged by producers to post comments on Twitter about their sons and daughters. One of them will even be James Franco’s grandmother.

Also, a surprise of the show is a chorus from Staten Island, New York, which will deliver a short performance. One of the songs will be “Over the Rainbow.”

Unlike previous ceremonies, this year there will be no movie montages, only clips from the 10 best picture nominees and brief filmed introductions.

In addition, there will no longer be five presenters who will provide details about the nominees in the categories “Best Actor” and “Best Actress”.

“The King’s Speech”, with 12 nominations, will compete against “True Grit” with 10 nominations and Inception and “The Social Network”, with 8 nominations each. A fierce duel will take place in the category of Best Picture between the favorite, “The King’s Speech”, and “The Social Network”. The former has won the most awards in Hollywood so far, including a Directors Guild of America prize.

Since 1948, only six winners of the DGA have been scaled at the Oscar, a considerable advantage for The King’s Speech. The Social Network has won four Golden Globes in January. The duel will take place repeatedly (best film, best director, best actor) on Sunday.