Charlie Sheen’s appearances on “Piers Morgan Tonight” and “Good Morning America”

Amid a media uproar, Charlie Sheen made his first live interview with Piers Morgan on CNN. To cap off a day that began with interviews with “Good Morning America” on ABC and NBC’s TODAY, Sheen looked tired and drawn, but he insisted he was not drugged.

“Are you under the influence right now?” asked Morgan. “No, nothing,” he said. “I’m under the influence of you.” In an attempt to prove his case, he even gave Morgan a copy of his latest clean drug test results to prove it.

Watch the video to hear more about his publicist, the cast of “Two and a Half Men,” his violent past and even Mel Gibson.

Then, this morning, the actor had another interview, this time on NBC’s Today show where he introduced us to his “goddesses”: Natalie Kenly, a self-described p##n star and model Rachel Oberlin. The two women help him raise his twin sons he had with Brooke Mueller, Bob and Max.

“If I can’t be there, they’re there,” he said. “Everybody helps out … There’s nothing broken here.”

Watch the clips and see what Charlie’s life looks like.