Katie Holmes sues Star Magazine for $ 50 million

The actress believes that the publication is giving false statements about her.
In the latest issue of Star, we read “ADDICTION NIGHTMARE – Katie DRUG SHOCKER! – The Real Reason She Can’t Leave Tom”.

However, in the article the magazine doesn’t mention any drug addiction for Holmes.

“Star Magazine’s malicious claims about Katie are untrue, unethical and unlawful. Not only do they cruelly defame Katie, they play a cheap trick on the public, making ridiculously false claims on the cover unsupported by anything inside,” Katie’s attorney told TMZ.

“Someone should bring a class action to get all buyers their money back,” the lawyer added.

Holmes is seeking a compensation of $ 50 million from the company American Media Inc, who is the publisher of Star magazine. The article was published in the January 31 edition of the tabloid.