Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s kids are in a “really bad situation”

Their father is a p#@n addict, their mother is battling addiction to crack and alcohol.

Given all that, it comes as no surprise that sources close to the two troubled celebrities are worried about the twins’ fate.

Latest media reports announced that Charlie had been deprived of the custody of the two boys due to a restraining order filed by Brooke.

The kids are now being raised by her mother, who is in “day treatment” for her own substance abuse problems.

“It’s a really sad situation,” says an insider. “Brooke is just as bad as Charlie.”

We can only hope the future will turn better for the little ones, given the unhealthy environment in which they’re growing up. Take for instance Sheen’s recent ideas about teaching his children from his own mistakes.

“I will never lie to my children,” the actor told Us. “They’ll understand it through my eyes.”