Laughing baby Micah scores 6 millions views and Today Show


8-month old Micah is the latest internet buzz. His dad, Marcus McArthur, a doctoral candidate in American history, had just received a rejection letter for a job he had applied to. As he rips the paper in front of the baby, Micah starts laughing hysterically.

This is a video that caught the eye of Alyssa Milano, the Charmed actress who recently announced she is expecting. In a message posted last week on her Twitter page, she wrote, “If this video doesn’t make you smile, check your pulse.”

Thanks to her, Micah is now a star on the internet. As of today, he’s also a TV star as he and his parents made an appearance on NBC’s “Today Show“.

“All of the sudden, [Micah] started bursting out laughing next to me, which was great,” Marcus said. Even though he’s still searching for a job, he said his baby’s giggle helped a lot. “It really lifted my spirits,” he said.

McArthur also revealed this is the first video they ever uploaded to YouTube.