Christina Aguilera: after intoxication comes plagiarism

After her highly commented performance at the “Super Bowl” and her recent arrest for for public intoxication, the American star and her record company are facing legal action for plagiarism.

It was TMZ who revealed the information. The singer’s hit “Ain’t No Other Man” is largely inspired by the song “I’ll Be A Lucky Man” by Dave Cortez and the Moon People, released in 1968.

A plagiarism complaint was filed in court in New York by TufAmerica, the publishing company that holds exclusive rights to the song since 2004.

Sony Music however denies these charges by showing that the record company has acquired the operating rights of the sample through Codigo Music and the Clyde Otis Music Group. TufAmerica asked the court to recognize the right of ownership of the song “I’ll Be A Lucky Man” and stop any other publisher’s claims. The publishing company also seeks damages from Sony Music.

Fortunately for Christina Aguilera, it’s her music label and not her who is affected by this procedure.

Listen to the two songs:



Image source: YouTube