From the little girl to Prince William’s bride-to-be: Kate Middleton’s photo album

The first pictures, available on the site, show Kate at the age of five, smiling mischievously.

Catherine Middleton - family photographs

In the second one, she is on vacation in Jordan and poses in front of ancient ruins along with her father Michael and her sister Philippa, called Pippa, who will be her maid of honor at the wedding.

Catherine Middleton - family photographs

The Middletons settled in Amman, Jordan, where her father was employed, in 1984.

In another photo, we see 3 ½ year-old Kate rock climbing in England.

Catherine Middleton - family photographs

Then a snapshot of the young woman, graduating in art history from the University of St Andrews in Scotland where she met Prince William.

Catherine Middleton - family photographs

We also see the young couple embracing each other, smiling, in the last photo of the graduation day in June 2005.

Catherine Middleton - family photographs

The two met in 2001 on the banks of the famous university, but their romance, which began in 2003, was interrupted by a split in 2007.

At the time, William and Kate both studied the history of art, but the prince soon shifted to geography.

Kate, 29, and William, 28, announced their engagement in November.

The marriage of Prince William, second in succession to the throne of England, and Catherine Middleton, promises to be the biggest event in the UK since 1981 when Charles and Diana, the young man’s parents, married.

Photos: The Middleton Family, 2011