iPhone 5: The return of aluminum?

According to the daily newspaper Economic Daily News, the next iPhone might give up the glass back in favor of an aluminum shell as the original iPhone model released in 2007.

This design change would mean that Apple has abandoned the concept of an external antenna, which causes some reception problems with all iPhone 4 models.

The aluminum hull will also erase the various problems caused by the use of glass. The iPhone 4 is very sensitive to scratches, especially the rear, and the glass is much heavier than aluminum,. This change would allow Apple to win a few precious grams.

Finally, the iPhone 5 could be offered in white on its release, as nearly nine months after its commercialization, the white iPhone 4 is still pending due to problems of color and flash management.

The iPhone 5 should logically pick the same processor as the iPad 2, namely an Apple A5. The main difference between the two devices should be at the operating frequencies. Like every year, the new generation of iPhone is expected to be unveiled in early June at the WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) held in San Francisco.

Source: Taiwan’s Economic Daily News ([Macotakara] / [Apple Insider])