Charlie Sheen disheveled again: Sheen’s Korner episode 3

The new episode of Sheen’s Korner, the webcast of the actor, were first broadcast on YouStream late Monday evening. In this clip, Sheen talks on the phone with one of his associates. “It’s recorded. People need to hear my gold, “Sheen told a man identified as Bob Maron.

Sheen tells him that he had contacted’s boss Jeff Bezos. The actor says he intends to publish his memoirs entitled “Apocalypse Me: The Jaws of Life.”

“I’m going to marry a tree because the other type of marriage didn’t work so I’m going to marry a tree,” he deliriously says at one point.

In this episode, Charlie included his now famous lines such as “phones are built by trolls,” and “their plan is sh*t, my plan is gold, walk into my plan and your’e gonna win, win, win.”

On 7 March, the producers of “Two and a Half Men” fired Sheen from the sitcom because of his antics and his destructive behavior.

Yesterday, Sheen went to the top of a building in Beverly Hills. There he brandished a machete and drank from a bottle labeled “tiger blood.” In a bizarre interview recently given to the “Today Show,” the star said he had “tiger blood,” which would allow him to overcome his addictions.

Sheen’s Korner, Episode Three