Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Subaru temporarily close factories in Japan because of the earthquake

The activity of four Japanese car manufacturers was affected by the earthquake that took place in the Pacifc Ocean. Some plants were damaged, while others were left without power. This is the most powerful quake to hit Japan in the last century. It took place at 14:46 local time. The epicenter of this earthquake was at a distance of 130 kilometers away from Sendai, a city in the north of Tokyo.

Toyota, the largest car manufacturer in the world, temporarily closed three plants because of this natural disaster. The producer in Tokyo opened a factory in Miyagi prefecture at the beginning of the year, a plant whose main activity was the production of Yaris models, and work was stopped without incidents due to the earthquake. At 17:00 (Japan time) production was resumed, and no employee was injured because of the earthquake.

Honda was not so lucky. The quake closed two factories and an employee aged 42 was crushed by a wall that fell at a research and development center located in Tochigi prefecture. Another 30 Honda employees were slightly injured after the earthquake.

Nissan has closed four plants, including the ones in Tochigi and Kanagawa, along with engine manufacturers in Kanagawa and Fukushima. Two employees suffered minor injuries, and the company in Yokohama suffered some small fire in the Tochigi and Iwaki factories. Several Nissan facilities were left without electricity due to the earthquake and the events that took place after it.

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, the owner of the Subaru brand, has closed five plants. Subaru had no damage and no reported injuries from their employees. The people at Suzuki haven’t released any information about their factories, while Mitsubishi, Yamaha and Kawasaki manufacturers are in the same situation. Chances are their factories and facilities are not affected by the earthquake and its effects.


Source: Bloomberg | Jalopnik | YouTube