Japan earthquake: Barack Obama, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Taylor Swift, Anderson Cooper react on Twitter

Hollywood is moved by the natural disasters that keeps coming to Japan. After two powerful earthquakes, the country faced a massive tsunami.

Twitter responses were immediate. Celebrities from around the world left their comments.

Taylor Swift: “I’m sending my thoughts and prayers and love to those in Japan who are hurting.”

Alyssa Milano: “Prayers. Japan quake’s 8.9 magnitude makes it the 5th-strongest in the world since 1900.”

Amber Riley Tweeted: “Omg my heart goes out to Japan,” she Tweeted. “I pray this devastation stops.”

Anderson Cooper: “Watching japan quake coverage on cnn right now. Terrible”

Lindsay Lohan: “My mommy just woke my sister and i [sic] up to this! god [sic] bless those that are in fear.”

Paris Hilton Tweeted: “The images on the news are breaking my heart. I am so worried for everyone in Japan. My thoughts are with you Japan. God bless you all.”

Kim Kardashian: “Just heard about the huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My prayers are with everyone in Japan!”

Lea Michele Tweeted: “So devastating to hear about the huge earthquake & tsunami [in] Japan. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone there.”

Piers Morgan Tweeted: “Can’t remember ever watching such horrific natural disaster in real time like this. #prayforthem.”

Even President Barack Obama chose Twitter to express his thoughts on the events: “Sending condolences to the people of Japan, particularly those who lost loved ones in the earthquake & tsunamis. U.S. stands ready to help.”

Videos: CNN