Diddy richer than Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Birdman

If in 2010 he was the third richest rapper, this year, P. Diddy sits comfortably in first place on Forbes’ list.

The icing on the cake, P. Diddy is paying the luxury to dethrone king Jay Z, who previously reigned supreme over the realm of hip hop.

With a fortune estimated at $ 475 million by Forbes magazine, Sean Combs owes all these money to his record label Bad Boy, his Sean John clothing line and other different activities.

The rapper even has a brand of vodka, Ciroc. With so much money, no wonder he throws them into the crowd.

“To be honest, on that list, I was on the cover of Forbes back in ’98,” Diddy said in an interview with MTV News. “I been on that list. I don’t really get caught up into the list. I think people think that I have that money actually sitting at home in the basement.”

In second place comes Jay Z, with $ 450 million sleeping on his bank account and a woman who’s not idle either.

Beyonce has a personal fortune estimated at more than $ 60 million and with Jay Z, she forms one of the most powerful couples in showbiz.

The two lovebirds are even included the Book of Records. A luxury not given to everyone.

On the third place, Dr. Dre is fairly comfortable with his $ 125 million. In fourth place, we discover Bird Man on a par with 50 Cent.