The first sketch of the next generation Mercedes A-Class

The concept that foreshadows the series version of the German monocab will be presented at the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

The Mercedes-Benz German manufacturer has prepared a new surprise for fans of small class models. If in 2009 the Stuttgart manufacturer launched the revised version of A-Class, this year it will present the concept that foreshadows the next generation of the German monocab.

The first outline of the new A-Class was published by German officials and you can see a younger and more dynamic design than the current generation. Dynamic and sporty styles were blended with elements belonging to the F800 concept, and the grille and headlights are subject to the new Mercedes design philosophy.

The concept that will foreshadow the next generation of A-Class will be presented in Shanghai during the event that will be held between April 20 – 28.

Source: Autoblog