Dior’s niece sparks controversy by stating admiration for Hitler

A video dating from 1963, and published on the site of INA, shows Francoise Dior, Christian Dior’s niece, who founded the fashion house.

In the video, Francoise Dior presents her future husband, Colin Jordan. He is a member of the neo-Nazi English party, the National Socialist Movement. She also unashamedly wears a Nazi insignia on the collar of her dress. Françoise Dior also wears two swastikas, one as a pendant around her neck.

She refuses, however, to use the word “fascist” and prefers the term National Socialism. “Keep your race pure, not marry someone who is not of Aryan blood (…), to honor the Führer” are ideologies that are part of her credo. Worse, Adolf Hitler is, for her, “the ideal type of hero.”

In her view, Germany is “the Holy Land, as Palestine is the Holy Land for Jews and Christianity.” As for Jews, Françoise refuses to talk about hatred against them.

“We just don’t want them over here, that’s all,” she says.



Video: YouTube