Has Justin Timberlake replaced Jessica Biel with Mila Kunis?

24 hours after announcing their separation, rumors about the reasons for their breakup came from all directions, even though Justin and Jessica have said in a statement that they mutually agreed to separate.

Recently filming Friends with Benefits with the lovely Mila Kunis, Justin had repotedly succumbed to her charm on the set, which is the alleged reason that precipitated the separation between him and Jessica Biel a few days ago.

A few weeks ago, rumors about cracks in their relationship appeared as the singer-actor, who starred in the movie The Social Network, showed up at the Academy Awards in the company of his mother.

Where was Jessica? The actor had nonetheless appeared very close to Mila Kunis, with whom he presented an award that evening. But the story that everyone tells is the annoying turn that a surprise birthday organized by Jessica had taken in late January.

The pretty brunette had decided to hold, in the utmost secrecy, a birthday party for Justin’s 30th anniversary. Friends and families of the couple were invited.

“Jessica was overcome with emotion when she stood up to toast her boyfriend on reaching the milestone,” one guest told the Daily Mail.

“She quickly welled-up as she reminisced about the first time she met Justin and joked about how she virtually stalked him into going on a date with her.”

But after Jessica had finished her speech, the actor stood up and yelled: ‘Yeah b*tches!’, the guest remembered, adding, ‘It was really awkward. Justin’s reaction was almost disrespectful. He just laughed it off.’

UPDATE: A source close to Timberlake told People, Mila had nothing to do with the split between him and Jessica Biel.

“Mila had nothing to do with their break-up. In fact, no one came between them. They decided their relationship ran its course and it was time to move on,” the source says. “They’re not in a relationship. They star in a movie called Friends with Benefits but they’re just friends. That’s it. They are not together.”