Smart Forspeed vs. Mini Rocketman

All Europeans take time to capitalize on technological evolution. The Geneva Motor Show was a good example in this respect.

Almost all European car manufacturers (and others as well) have shown innovation in segments such as design, technology, ecology and efficiency.

But what happens when art meets technology? When innovation, design and usability are perfect?

More than likely the Germans at Daimler and the British from Mini tried to answer these questions when they conceived the concepts of Smart Forspeed and Mini Rocketman.

Because we liked both and because we couldn’t decide which of them may be the best small car, we decided to leave it to you to decide.

Watch for details and items that intrigue you and ultimately vote. And don’t forget to leave a comment and share more than just your option. Why Smart Forspeed or why Mini Rocketman?

Smart Forspeed


Smart – whose name literally contains art (Smart actually stands for Swatch Mercedes Art) – presented at the Geneva Motor Show an electric concept that, even though it won’t enter production, offers us a lot of clues about the design of Fortwo’s future generations in particular and of the German brand in general.

The concept is officially called Smart Forspeed Concept and is a mini-sized speedster. In the good tradition of the German manufacturer (see Smart Escooter), the prototype has a 100% electric drive train under the hood. The engine develops 40 horsepower (plus 7 hp that can be accessed by overboost function) and is located in the rear. According to official data provided by the manufacturer, it can lead the Smart concept to up to 120 km / h, a maximum autonomy being 135 kilometers.

Although Smart Forspeed Concept won’t go into mass production in the form it was presented in Geneva, the lines of prototype will form the basis for the next-generation Fortwo. Among the items likely to be reflected on this model are the front and rear headlamps, the unique front grille and electric motor, the latter being the main candidate for the motorization of a European power version of the Fortwo series.

Mini Rocketman


Mini Rocketman is created in the memory of Alec Issigonis’s legendary concept.

Rocketman has dimensions which are said to be close to those of the first Mini, although we’re talking about a 3419 milimteri length and a width of 1907 millimeters, while the original model was 3005 mm long and 1510 mm wide . People at Mini say that the concept remains, for now, only a concept and there are no plans to place it into production.

The current design language of the Mini is continued on the Rocketman concept, a sign that the British wanted to show the versatility of this language. The major features of this model are the LED lights, the LED taillights in relief, the 18-inch wheels and the tailgate’s double door-opening. The ceiling is made of a transparent material and presents the form of the Union Jack flag.

Another interesting element to this concept is the number of seats and their configuration. Practically there are only three permanent seats, with one extra seat that can be folded for extra interior space. Like other models made by Mini, it has a centrally located speedometer and it’s generous in size. This time, we speaking of a high-resolution 3D display that provides Internet access, a removable hard drive and an integrated trackball for controlling multimedia functions.

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