2300 Nissan and Infiniti cars, swept away by the tsunami

Japan is still counting the losses caused by the earthquake and the tsunami waves at the end of last week. The same applies to the major automobile manufacturers that had production lines and distribution points in that area.

Nissan Group published today an official statement announcing that the tsunami seriously damaged at least 2,300 units on the Pacific coast waiting to be loaded on cargo ships bound for the U.S.

Of the 2300 units damaged, it appears that 1300 were cars of the premium Infiniti division, models M, EX and FX, intended for North America. Japanese models were in a parking lot near the loading points when they were hit by the tsunami.

the same press release states that among these Nissan cars several models of the 370Z Roadster were also damaged. Images captured on the spot show a pile of Nissan and Infiniti models, many of them even ending up in flames. The cars damaged in the Hitachi port were products of Nissan and Infiniti’s factories from the Tochigi prefecture, near the area destroyed by the tsunami waves.

In Miyagi Prefecture, also hit by the tsunami, 1,000 other cars assembled for local dealers were damaged by the destructive wave.

The quake that took place on Friday at 130 miles from the coast of Japan has seriously affected the work of major Japanese brands. The activities at four automobiles manufacturers were disturbed by the earthquake and the tsunami.

Source: automotivenews