A few details about Windows 8 and its Aero Lite

This means that changes to the operating system for PCs will be huge. We could even say drastic, since Ballmer is not quite sure that he will convince everyone.

New rumors talk about Aero Lite, a graphical user interface inspired by the Zune player and by mobile phone operating system Windows Phone 7.

All these reinforce the early rumors about Mosh, a graphical interface based on rectangular buttons. however this could be meant for the tablet version of the future Windows 8 operating system.

Other rumors talk about a facility code-named Jupiter. Windows 8 might get Silverlight platform-based applications available to users in a marketplace similar to the one on mobile phone operating systems.

It seems likely that the teams responsible for both graphical interface and Office suite are working at it.

Source: Thenextweb.com