French politicians: “Carlos Ghosn must resign!”

After the spy scandal inside the French car maker Renault has proven to be a false alarm and the three executives fired by President Carlos Ghosn and Patrick Pelata received public apology and will be entitled to financial compensation, some French voices in politics turned their attention to Ghosn, who is required to resign.

“When an employee makes a mistake in a company, he does not have to apologize — he is out,” said Martine Aubry, representative for the Socialist Party in France. Aubry’s words were accompanied by the French Government spokesman, Francois Baroin, who considers that the bosses at Renault proved to be ” incredibly amateurish,” subjecting the three managers to “undignifying attack.”

Carlos Ghosn announced yesterday that he doesn’t accepted Patrick Pelata’s resignation submitted it because he doesn’t want to trigger another crisis. The local politicians’ discontent comes amid Renault’s current status, which is owned 15% by the French.

According to auto analysts contacted by Automotive News, Ghosn’s departure as head of Renault-Nissan would lead to a devastating earthquake inside the Franco-Japanese alliance.

Source: Automotive News