Renault finally clarifies China spy scandal

French car maker Renault has announced it will hold an extraordinary meeting on Monday. The reason behind this meeting is about the famous spy scandal in China.

Three Renault managers were sacked earlier this year following the suspicion that they had proof they had been selling secrets on the electric technology which is expected to change the car industry.

At that time, sources stipulated that Renault was a victim in that case and that the group was concerned about the evolution of its development of electric vehicles and hoped that its position as leader of the segment will not be affected.

Following an extensive investigation, the people at Renault wished to sincerely apologize to managers Balthazard, Rochette and Tenenbaum, who were wrongly accused in this case. Both Carlos Ghosn and Patrick Pelata and want to restore the names and reputations of the three Renault executives suspected of involvement in espionage.

Apparently, an investigation revealed that the three executives are innocent of accusations of industrial espionage. For now, the investigation is still ongoing and investigators thanked all three for the understanding and support they have shown so far.

Source: Renault