Volkswagen: Alfa Romeo would receive Porsche engines if it belonged to us

The Volkswagen engineers have made a new statement on the Alfa Romeo brand. More specifically, the Germans have submitted plans for the brand in Milan in case they managed to buy it from Fiat.

According to sources, Alfa Romeo could receive assistance from Porsche to develop a four cylinder boxer engine with a new enty-level roadster. That four-cylinder engine could be used as the smallest engine in the Porsche range and other Alfa Romeo models.

The rumor was not confirmed nor denied by either party, a sign that they prefer to ignore such discussions for now. If this was true, Alfa Romeo could distance brands like Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Audi (we’re talking about the ranges and possible performance versions of those models – if any). In addition, Porsche would benefit from such a partnership based on economies of scale.

Despite statements made by Fiat officials, who pointed out that Alfa Romeo is not for sale, people at Volkswagen are extremely confident in their own forces and said they have time to wait. Previous statements suggested that Alfa Romeo will have four times bigger sales in five years under their leadership. Production would take place in the Seat factory in Martorell and at other Alfa Romeo plants in Europe.

Source: Autocar