Is Audi preparing a successor for A2?

Audi is confident in the success of small models, especially since the new A1 has been a strong demand. Economic models have become increasingly attractive in the current economic context, and the first generation A2 satisfied the requirements of the modern world without problems in terms of fuel consumption. The reason behind this ability was an aluminum body and small displacement engines.

“A new A2 is being discussed internally and a number of concepts are being looked at,” an insider told Autocar. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was shown first as a concept. “I’m sure that the new car will be in a similar mould of the old model: futuristic, low volume and using state-of-the-art technology. It will be an unashamedly hi-tech Audi.”

Audi engineers will have the difficult task of making a model that is lighter than the first generation of A2. The original had a mass of 895 kilograms, but its 1.2 TDI 3L version was even lighter, with a mass of only 825 kg. The future Audi A2 could even weigh 800 kg, according to the source quoted by Autocar.

This model will have to meet all modern safety criteria, so Audi engineers will need to use a mix of lightweight and durable materials. Besides, the model must be economically efficient and have an affordable starting price.

The future Audi A2 could be the first model of the German brand which will use the Multimaterial Space Frame platform from Audi. This is based on MLB-Evo platform and it mixes aluminum and steel parts with carbon fiber reinforced plastic instruments.

In addition, the body will be strengthened and made with rivets, screws and special adhesives, offering an extremely low mass. The MLB-Evo platform and MSF technology will gradually replace the ASF technology. The new MLB-Evo platform might be used in the future on all models in the range, from A4 to Q7.

Source: Autocar