Rebecca Black cracks due to viewers nasty comments

Today is Friday! It was a full day for Jessica Black, the singer of the now internationally famous single “Friday”.

Rebecca on Friday’s Good Morning America where she gave an interview full of emotion. During the interview the 13-year-old talked about the reactions of listeners on Twitter, Facebook and other sites.

“I hope you cut yourself, and I hope you’ll get an eating disorder so you’ll look pretty,” is one of the nasty comments that Rebecca received and found very hurtful. So hurtful that she even cried. The relentless media was too heavy for the young American.

The video for Friday on YouTube has reached 16 million views, and user comments are not soft. Most of them still forget that the singer is no older than 13. She wanted to create a buzz with this song but things didn’t turn exactly as expected.

Ridicule, mockery in any kind Rebecca Black has become the target of Internet users, particularly those that raged Twitter.


Tell us what you think. Is it ok to make nasty remarks about a 13-year-old or are they right in blaming her?

Image source: YouTube