Selena Gomez talks Justin Bieber on Letterman

Selena Gomez was a guest of David Letterman, “Late Show”, on CBS last Wednesday, March 16, to mark the release of her new single, Who Says.

Smiling and cheerful, Selena has taken the game of the moderator’s questions and even addressed her romance with Justin Bieber.

Letterman showed the singer a photo of herself and Justin at a Vanity Fair Oscars party in February, but didn’t have the video where the two young stars kiss. He then asked her whether or not they are dating.

Selena answered that “He’s been in my life for so long, and it’s just nice to have someone that understands what you’re going through.”

Throughout the interview, Selena Gomez told a few jokes about her travels abroad, particularly in Germany where she couldn’t understand a journalist who asked if she was doing yoga.

Hearing yogurt and not yoga, the Disney star launched in an interview on deaf before this same journalist asked her what position she loved most.

Finally, Selena Gomez more or less dodged all the questions that were related to Justin Bieber but did eventually reveal that that their meeting was made possible after Jstin’s manager called Selena’s mother, who manages the career of her daughter.

Image source: CBS