The new Mercedes B-Klasse, true rival for Series 1 and A3

Mercedes fans who expected a model that would BMW Series 1 and Audi A3 on an equal footing, have reason to be happy. The new generation of the Mercedes B-Klasse model, which until now was regarded more as a compact class MPV because of its appearance, will change with the advent of the new generation.

The first clue in this regard comes from a drawing that appeared online and that seems to be part of a presentation movie that Mercedes will release later this year. The drawing is actually an outline of the new generation B-Klasse, a model which gives up the family lines and adopts a more dynamic, more athletic design.

In addition to the roof that is lowered and plunged down toward the rear, the new Mercedes B-Klasse boasts a front end inspired by the recent line of Mercedes models, as SLK seemes to be the inspiration for the grille and air intakes of the new compact model.

The new Mercedes A and B-Klasse will be built on a new platform, as the versions of the two will be supplemented by models that will make their debut in the manufacturer’s range. We are talking about a compact crossover that will be positioned under the GLK and will compete with the future Audi Q3 and with X1.

The new B-Klasse will make its official debut later this year, at the same time with the new Series 1 and Audi A3, and it will be available on the market in early 2012.

Source: Autoweek