Keira Knightley elusive for Chanel

After Natalie Portman for Dior and Kate Winslet for Lancôme, it’s Keira Knightley’s turn to move to Paris in an old-fashioned atmosphere.

But unlike fellow actresses, Keira Knightley embodies a modern and elusive woman that cruises the streets of Paris aboard her Ducati which is color matched to her beige suit by Karl Lagerfeld.

Going full speed at a photo shoot, the English actress charms the photographer, played by actor Alberto Ammann, before evaporating, leaving only a few touches of Coco Mademoiselle in the air.

Joe Wright, the one responsible for this sublime spot, is familiar with the actress because they worked together for the films Atonement and Pride and Prejudice.

Singer Joss Stone performs It’s a Man’s Man’s World to accompany the ad, which ironically, shows the power of women over men.


Photo: Chanel