New details about iPhone 5 straight from the source – the Foxconn manufacturer

Sources inside Foxconn (the manufacturer where many of the Apple devices are produced), say they that already seen a prototype of iPhone 5 in May.

As described, it has a similar shape and size with the iPhone 4, but what is noteworthy is the bigger screen. Also, the case is said to be made from a metallic material.

Although initially there was talk about a different positioning of the antenna (due to reception problems), there are voices now that argue nothing will change because there’s no need for it. The material that the case is made from doesn’t attenuate the signal in contact with the user’s hand.

As for the hardware, a dual-core Cortex processor, just like the one on the iPad 2, is mentioned.

More details will undoubtedly leak in the coming months. It is quite possible that by the time the official announcement is made, we’ll know almost everything, as it happened in the past.

[Source: 9to5mac]