Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s family – a normal day in their lives

Angelina, Brad and their six kids were spotted on an outing in New Orleans a few days ago.

The family is used to spending time together like that, whether they’re traveling or not.

But now that the kids are growing and school is taking prominence, they spending more and more time in Los Angeles, leading surprisingly ordinary lives.

“The family live in a way that can best be described as organized chaos,” an insider told People in this week’s issue. “Of course it’s wild when all the kids are there, and evening tends to be a bit chaotic with dinner and bedtime.”

Adds the source, Pitt, 47, and Jolie, 35, “are both good with rules, and there are definitely consequences, like time-outs, for bad behavior. But for the most part the kids all get along.”

Photo: People