Prince William and Kate Middleton choose two cakes for their royal wedding

Photo by Mario Testino

Prince William and Kate Middleton will get married in a little over a month, on April 29. And the happy couple has revealed that they will be enjoying two wedding cakes on the occasion.

The first will be a traditional fruit cake, created by renowned Leicestershire-based cake-designer Fiona Cairns.

This multi-tiered wedding cake will be decorated with flowers that represent the United Kingdom: the English rose, the Scottish thistle, the Welsh daffodil and the Irish shamrock.

It will be an iced cake, topped with cream, decorated with a British floral pattern. It will contain dried fruit, sultanas, nuts, cherries, orange peel and lemon, and cognac. Also it will include the interlaced initials of the couple.

“The cake is multi-tiered, doesn’t have colour – it’s cream and white [icing] – and it’s a traditional cake but also quite delicate and modern. All the tiers will have a different theme,” the cake-designer said.

Fiona Cairns, 56, sent samples of different fruit cakes to William and Kate, who chose their favorite. She has since3 started cooking cakes as they require four weeks of maturation.

Kate Middleton has very much been involved in this cooking process so far. Cairns said the future princess “knew very much what she wanted and she brought us mood boards and told us what influences she would like us to use on the cake.”

As for the second cake, less formal, it will have a particular resonance for Prince William.

He specifically requested the UK biscuit manufacturer McVitie’s to make him this cake, using a special recipe from the kitchens of Buckingham Palace, that includes Rich Tea biscuits and dark chocolate.

It’s a cake that he loves and that reminds him of his childhood.