Apple iPhone 5 – official presentation on June 6?

The event will take place on June 6, and the star of the show will certainly be the iPhone 5, the latest phone from Apple.

Normally, conferences taking place at such an event include many seminars, technical presentations and discussions, but the element of public interest will most likely be the officially announcement of the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4GS, as some rumors have called it).

Until then, speculation about the newest smartphone from Apple is in its fullest, with credible and verifiable information, mixed with some of the funniest inventions.

However, what seems certain is that the iPhone will feature the same A5 dual-core chip, found in the iPad 2 tablet as well, and the GUI performance will be at a similar level as for the tablet version.

There are many uncertainties regarding the screen, such as the use LCD technology or AMOLED. It’s not clear whether Apple has chosen a bigger screen, but with the same resolution, for the iPhone 5, or we will have an improved version of the Retina Display technology, in which the pixel density is increased for a better clarity of the image.

On the invitation at this event, the company announced news about the Mac OS X and IOS operating systems, which gives us hope that IOS 5 is not too far away.