Enrique Iglesias says no to Britney Spears tour

Billboard reports however that this touring project could still materialize.

Iglesias didn’t want to happen as an opening act for Spears, several sources told TMZ. His ego couldn’t stand something like that.

A few hours before Spears made the announcement of her concert series, Iglesias was on the phone trying to inform managers of the tour he dropped the deal.

However, a source told TMZ Iglesias enjoyed a very favorable contract with good terms.

According to Billboard, negotiations are under way to actually make this tour happen.

Some contrasting points relate to money and whether Iglesias would receive a percentage of ticket sales plus a per-show guarantee.

However, the major source of irritation for Iglesias is the public and media perception, says Billboard, citing an anonymous source.

Iglesias is an established headlining artist for a long time. During this tour, he would present his own show with its own technology. In the first release that was sent to the press to announce the tour, it was said that Spears and Iglesias would do a tour together.

At first glance, we thought it was a Spears tour since last Tuesday’s announcement coincided with the launch of her new album “Femme Fatale” and an appearance on “Good Morning America.”