Yahoo! Messenger bans FilesTube links

FilesTube is a search engine that indexes the contents of the file hosting services.

The links shared within the instant messaging will never arrive at their destination.

Any Yahoo Messenger chat line that contains a direct link to FilesTube won’t arrive at the destination.

Imagine you want to share a cool TV show with friends and you paste them a FilesTube link in Yahoo! Messenger.

However, you will soon find it’s not that easy. The FilesTube link never reaches its destination. The link goes directly into Yahoo’s dark hole and neither end of the conversation is alerted to this “feature”.

Censoring the Internet has become the favorite pastime of many companies and / or nations. Facebook applied a similar technique last year, automatically removing any links to Pirate Bay.

FilesTube is a specialized search engine indexing the files that are shared within sessions of filesharing. It was founded in 2007 and serves millions of users every day. The numbers are constantly growing as any search engine torrent contains files that infringe copyright.


In response to reports of blocking of Yahoo Messenger one of the largest files search engine in the world, says the CEO of the company’s Red-Sky, the owner, Arkadiusz Senko.

I was surprised to have adopted information about blocking by Yahoo Messenger. is a legal search engine, meets all the legal requirements of both European and American. We are shocked by Yahoo Messenger to censor the Internet, and thus the actions of our users who use for legal media. We would like to point out that we also have a video section, where the aggregated videos from YouTube or Dailymotion are placed. It seems to us that Yahoo has taken action to block links to competing sites. In such a situation it lefts us nothing but to recommend users to use other instant messengers, respectful of freedom of the Internet. You can find the alternatives for Yahoo Messenger on our new search engine – – comments Arkadiusz Senko, CEO of Red – Sky, the owner